Columbus Events

There are plenty of great things going on in Columbus but these are (mostly) things we've had a hand in organizing. If you play "this kind of music" and would like to play in Columbus, do get in touch. We might not always be able to help but can hopefully point you in the direction of someone who can.

Thursday May 21st 2015
Itasca / aka Kayla Cohen / Moody folk from Los Angeles / LP on New Images Ltd.
Oath / aka Julia Nowak / Psychedelic electronic songs from LA / Associated with Ascetic House
Mike Shiflet / Local noisey guitar wrangler / Duo LP with High Aura'd out on Type
Meadows / Local duo, debut show / ???
Used Kids Records 6pm / Free (Donations Encouraged)
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Tuesday July 7:
Stephen Molyneuyx (CO)
co-founder of No Kings, new LP "The Shape of Clouds" on La Station Radar
Left-field folk explorations both song-based and otherwise
"Like a clinch-cum-sacrifice offering emotional armistice for acid-indebted hibernations, like Flying Canyon renting a labyrinth of lonely nights to that old cad Bill Callahan, or how about Glenn Donaldson crisping marshmallow caterpillars on the flaming pyres of a turned word?" - Record Collector Magazine
Sparkling Wide Pressure (TN) / aka Frank Braugh
founder of Kimberly Dawn, new LP "Clouds & Stairs" out on No Kings
Beautiful songs buried in a shimmering, noisy wash
distinctly organic, cobbled together from what sounds like a distant waterfall, a clumsy guitar chime and a glittering whine that is ghostly but somehow manages to add extra heft and thickness..." - Pitchfork
Lucas Brode (NY)
Guitar improviser/composer with equal doses of jazz and "rock" idioms
Cafe Bourbon St. / 9pm / $5

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Friday July 24:

Pigeons (NY)
Touring behind a new LP on MIE Music, upcoming 7" on Soft Abuse
Breezey, rolling, shoegazey psych-pop
could be reasonably compared to everything from later Incredible String Band to Vince Guraldi to fellow ex-Seattleites Mega Bog, but it oozes and tumbles with such a baffling grace that you might as well just let it be Pigeons." - Tiny Mix Tapes
Crystalline Roses (MA) / aka Anthony Pasquarosa
Previous LP under his birth name as part of the VDSQ solo guitar series, recently released Feeding Tube LPs in the realm of outsider twang, heavy 60s private-press/cult-style psych-folk
"a goddamn monster of readymade acid folk transcendentalism" - Byron Coley
The Summit / 9pm / $5
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Monday August 31st 2015
Herbcraft (ME)
Touring behind a new LP on Woodsist
All-out freak-out psych-out, tight/loose combo, krauty grooving
“Herbcraft writhes and flows through umpteen Amon Düül-ian soundscapes with all the raging Mithraic fire of Flower Travellin’ Band, a permafrost of sonic ice suffused by its own incandescent glow. That good? That compelling, kiddies. That the U.S. Underground continues to throw up such out-of-nowhere essentials is more than heartening; it’s a lifeline and that’s a fact.” - Julian Cope
Pete Fosco
Cincinnati based free-form guitarist, touching on elements of noise, drone and psychedelia
a series of long, intricate guitar drones and ragas that evoke windswept wastelands, starry desert skies and the meandering paths of ancient, ghostly rivers." - Boomkat
Ryan Jewell & co. / heady psych, tight jamming

The Summit / 9pm / $5
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Wednesday September 23rd 2015 

Rafael Toral (Portugal) / Ryan Jewell (CMH) Duo
Rafael Toral plays free-jazz on homemade electronics. There is a physicality and a presence to his performances not often found in artists using similar tools. He brings the sounds of space to the ground without getting close to the cheesy sounds you might imagine. In the past he has collaborated with Jim O’Rourke, Evan Parker, Sonic Youth, Rhys Chatham and John Zorn, among others.
He is touring in support of his upcoming Taiga LP "SPACE SOLO 2". This evening Toral will be joined by Columbus percussionist extraordinaire Ryan Jewell for a duo session.
Mike Shiflet
You know him, you love him. He might just be a "band" this time.

MINT / 9pm / $8
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Friday October 23rd 2015
Tiger Hatchery (CHI)
Chicago free-jazz beasts
One of the last crews to sign to ESP-Disk (RIP)
Touring behind a new LP of collaborations with Paul Flaherty

Wasteland Jazz Unit (Cinci)
Long-running noisey jazz improv from Cinci
Jon Lorenz on saxophone / John Rich on clarinet

Mark Van Fleet /& Strep Torso
ex-Sword Heaven murk & terror / lights out guitar wall
Maybe together, maybe solos, come find out

plus DJ Throbbin' Williams
Sick beats and nasty thrills
Slingin' hot vinyl all over the damn place

Cafe Bourbon St. / 9pm / $5
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Monday November 16th

Tom Carter (NYC)
Building & tumbling solo psychedelic electric guitar from 1/2 of the legendary Charalambides
Ryley Walker (CHI)
Everyone's favorite neu-folk-wunder-boi from Chicago making a special stop in town
Ryan Jewell
The every-man that doesn't stop flies solo for something intimate
dioses serpientes enroscados
The Summit / 9pm / $5
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Wednesday November 11th
Sapropelic Pycnic (NYC)
Kathleen Baird (Spires That in the Sunset Rise) is touring in support of the newly-released solo piano album "See Sun Think Shadow". Ryan Jewell will be accompanying her for part of her set.
Mazozma Theatre Duo (KY)
Ma Turner (ex-Warmer Milks) plus one. Performance piece tied to his upcoming record "MAZOZMA" on Robert Beatty's new A.H.E.M. EDITIONS
dioses serpientes enroscados
 Folk drone trio bringing extended shimmering
House (Contact for details) / 7pm / $5-10 donation / BYOB
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Saturday November 21st

75 Dollar Bill (NYC)
Percussion, home-made horns and guitar. Psychedelic, hypnotic, desert-flecked, ritualistic, boogie
Egon Gone & the Sun Dogs
Toe-tapping sleazy pop from the bottom of the bucket
Psychic space excursions powered by slow key presses
dioses serpientes enroscados
 Folk drone trio bringing extended shimmering
Cafe Bourbon St. / 9pm / $5

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 Sunday April 10th 2016
Steve Palmer & Matt Beachey [Minneapolis–Saint Paul]

Virtuosic guitar soli with a heavy dose of abstract sound movements and drone
Mike Shiflet

Local hero of static and six-string

shimmering folk-tinged drone
Cafe Bourbon St. / 8pm / $5

Saturday April 30th 2016

East of the Valley Blues (Power Moves fam) [Toronto]
Psychedelic folk stylings coming to town all the way from Canada. 
Field Sleeper
Meditative loops and murmurs

creaky creek creep croaking
Jordan Spencer
a short piece for 5 tape players

Glen Echo Ravine / 8pm / Donations
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Sunday May 22nd 2016
Itasca [LA]
Full band this time, straight up 70s alt-country vibes
David Nance Band [Omaha]

Dustbowl r'n'r from somewhere between Flying Nun and Siltbreeze
Time & Temperature

Like if singer songwriter was a good thing
Mike Shiflet

Local hero of static and six-string
Cafe Bourbon St. / 8pm / $5

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Sunday August 28th 2016
Seth Chrisman [NY]
Jeremy Purser
Mike Shiflet

Cafe Bourbon St. / 8pm / $5

Friday October 14th 2016
Dylan Golden Aycock [Tulsa]
Scissor Tail head honcho, psychedelic fingerpickin'
Lake Mary [Colorado]
"slowgrass" folk vibes
High Aura'd [Cleve]
guitar wrangling
Mike Shiflet & Jeremy Purser

Corrugate / 8pm/ $5