CFE#56-59 Adam Cadell/Sparkling Wide Pressure/Steve Palmer & Matt Beachey/The Knot

It's finally that time. We've got four new tapes ready to roll. As usual we've got a diverse lineup of exciting new music that we really think you're going to love. Whether it's a solo tape of violin improvisations and from The Scrapes member Adam Cadell, a new set of buried melodies from Sparkling Wide Pressure, guitar soli and harmonium drone from Steve Palmer & Matt Beachey or Nick Storring & Tilman Lewis' cello duo The Knot, we've got a little something for everyone. As usual these tapes are homedubbed and hand assembled at the CFE HQ.

Thanks all for the interest & support,
Jordan & Katy

P.S. Steve Palmer & Matt Beachey are hitting the road in support of their tape. Catch 'em if you can!
April 03: Minneapolis, MN / Reverie Cafe + Bar with Nic Garcia, Mark Verdin
April 07: Chicago, IL / Hideout Inn with Health & Beauty
April 08: Chicago, IL / TBA
April 09: Cleveland, OH / Private Residence
April 10: Columbus, OH / Cafe Bourbon St. with Autophonia, Mike Shiflet
April 17: Minneapolis, MN / Eagles 34 with Marisa Anderson, John Zuma Saint-Pelvyn

CFE#10 A Knife Like A Song You Can't Whistle

Hey all,
Just a quick update to say that CFE#10 A Knife Like A Song You Can't Whistle has already come and gone. Apologies if you were unable to get a copy. We notified our mailing list by giving them a private link to purchase the record and it was gone in less than 24 hours. If you want to know about things like this in the future it's best to sign up for the mailing list, they always get the first shot. There are no distro copies of the record and there will be no digital sales.

We are very near the release of four new tapes: Nick Storring & Tilman Lewis' duo The Knot, Sparkling Wide Pressure, Steve Palmer & Matt Beachey and Adam Cadell. You can already hear samples from each of them at our Soundcloud page.

Hope the spring is starting to creep for ya,
J & K

CFE#55 White Fir boxset / Painted Door Press bundle / New LDQ tape

Hey all,
We've finally finished up the long murmured about White Fir boxset. This collects all three previously released volumes of the Lake Seeds series plus an addition tape with new/unreleased material. I've made 30 copies of this and it's acting as a bit of a fundraiser for a new project coming this fall (a lathe-cut 7" compilation of solo guitarists). In addition to this box there's also a bundle of everything printed so far by Painted Door Press, the print-based offshoot of CFE that started last spring. There's only 4 of these sets and it's a pretty decent sized stack of material, so hop on it. Lastly, another Latter-Day Quixote tape has trickled into our hands, this time from William S. Burroughs. As usual, quantities are scarce. Head on over to the shop page and pick 'em all up or grab the White Fir set at Bandcamp if that's how you do things.

In other news:
*There's a new Cabin Floor Radio mix to stream or download directly
*This fall will see new tapes from Adam Cadell of the Scrapes, Nick Storring & Tilman Lewis' cello duo the Knot, and guitarist Steve Palmer.

Thanks for reading, that's all for now!
J & K

3 New Releases

Hey everybody,
We've finally got our first releases of 2015 up for sale. Three new tapes! Aggressive compact musique concrete from Troy Schafer, avant-leaning folk from Wes Tirey and a minimal organ piece to soundtrack Chris Marker's La Jetée by øjeRum. You guys have got first dibs on these before I make any announcements elsewhere so head on over to the 'Available' page and pick 'em up! As usual there's a bundle option to get all three and save a few bucks.

Some updates to ordering:
*All releases now come with Bandcamp digital download slips
*Physical copies of the releases can now be purchased through Bandcamp (though at a slightly higher cost than using the Paypal buttons on our website)
*Shipping is now calculated during checkout! International folks no longer have to email to purchase tapes. If you're buying more than 3 things, though (International or Domestic) please email me so I can get you an accurate price.

As usual you can check out samples at our SOUNDCLOUD page or stream/purchase at BANDCAMP. Also in the streaming world, we've started uploading Cabin Floor Radio mixes to a MIXCLOUD page so check those out! Hours of R&B/Folk/Soul/Pop mixes to get you through your week.

We're lining up some great new releases for later this year and we'll let you know more about those soon. The best way to keep track of things like that is by following us on Twitter @CabinFloorEso. Perhaps the most exciting thing coming is that CFE#10 will finally be released this year! Let's just say it's a nice little change of format with a handful of old friends contributing.

As always,
Jordan & Katy

Cabin Floor Esoterica is a small cassette label
currently based in Columbus, OH
est. January 2009

All tapes are home dubbed in real time.

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[CFE#60] Shane Parish & Frank Rosaly "Labrys" c50
[CFE#61] Ilia Belorukov & Taneli Viitahuhta "Sax Worker's Rights" c30
[CFE#62] Nathan McLaughlin & Jeremy Purser "Levain" c37

from Painted Door Press
Melodrama Blues: Selected Lyrics of Wes Tirey
øjeRum 'In The Past The Trees Used To Carry Holes For Memories' art zine

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